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Teeth Whitening and Good First Impressions

Teeth whitening has been proven to improve the first impressions we give other people. While personality and character will trump any cosmetic enhancement (or should at least), having whiter teeth will not only make you look more open, inviting, and professional, you’ll also look more confident and friendly. Not bad for a simple thing like teeth whitening!

Now, you have two primary options when it comes to brightening up your smile. The first of these is a trip to the dentist. Thanks to the popularity of teeth whitening, nearly every dentist offers this cosmetic procedure. Some can even do it for you in under an hour (the ultimate lunch-break cosmetic fix!), but there is a downside to this option: the cost. A single session can run you hundreds of dollars that insurance companies don’t cover. Also, you’ve got to keep in mind that you’ll need maintenance sessions, and when you add those into the picture, it can cost you thousands of dollars to whiten your teeth.

Fortunately, there’s another alternative: at-home teeth-whitening kits. These kits are much, much more affordable than the dentist’s office, and are just as effective. The most worthwhile at-home kits are those that use trays in order to bleach your teeth. Trays are more stable and will coat your teeth more evenly than strips will.

When it comes to making good, confident first impressions, give yours a boost with whiter teeth. Teeth whitening is the one cosmetic fix that will enhance your looks the most with the least amount of effort.


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