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Guide to Affordable Teeth Whitening

If you ask most people, they’d tell you that the whiter the smile, the better – as shelves of tooth whitening solutions in stores will attest to. Go for cheap teeth whitening if you’ve got less money to spend but still want the benefit of whiter teeth. Read on to learn about affordable whitening methods that you can start using at home, right away.

There are quite a few cost-effective treatments to choose from. A wide selection of methods, including kits that come with strips, pre-filled or reusable trays, and/or whitening gels are available. However, teeth whitening strips are by far one of the most simple and effective ways to whiten your teeth inexpensively. You’ll apply a whitening strip directly to your top and bottom teeth, and they are typically worn for 15 to 60 minutes. Some rapid teeth bleaching kits will provide results in as little as three days, but most of the typical strips available take between 7 to 14 days to give you their full whitening benefits. It’s a fabulous, affordable method for tooth whitening that’s portable, quick, easy, with very affordable upkeep. Using a simple whitening toothpaste along with the strips is an excellent way to maintain and enhance your brighter, whiter smile.

Another option is hydrogen peroxide. This is a true DIY, homemade dental whitening solution. It may not be as quick or pleasant as teeth whitening strips, but it’s extremely low cost. Overall, it’s is a great way to start whitening your teeth on a very minimal budget. This method combines over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. These elements combine to form a dense paste, which you brush your teeth with just like normal. You can speed up results by using hydrogen peroxide as a post-brushing rinse.

While hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening may not produce the quickest results, it is an effective way to whiten your smile over time. It also allows you to enhance other whitening methods simply and easily.

If you have great insurance that covers cosmetic tooth whitening, your dentist can compare dental whitening solutions for you, so you’ll get the most bang (and brightness) for your buck. These options may include laser tooth whitening or a custom-formed teeth whitening tray.

Read more about methods of cheap tooth whitening, including cost-effective homemade teeth whitening solutions. With these ideas, you’ll be on track for a beautiful and dazzling white smile before you know it!


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