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Affordable Teeth Whitening Explained

As we see the many people on the big and small screens with perfectly white teeth the obsession with teeth whitening has grown and now everyone wants whiter teeth without spending a fortune.

And to be honest there would be correct in not wanting to spend a fortune as yes having a lovely smile is important but probably not as key as paying the mortgage or going on holiday when it comes to money.

Essentially there are two ways to whiten the teeth either by tray-based systems or by using a light system. Both ways can be affordable but have advantages and disadvantages.

Tray Based Whitening System

These can come in form of home kits which can be purchased on the internet or bleaching trays as they are commonly known which are supplied through dentists. The home kits are similar but are supplied with mouth guards which you mold in water to suit the shape of the mouth as opposed to the professionally molded trays which are designed to fit the teeth perfectly.

The whitening gel supplied by the dentists is normally hydrogen peroxide gel which can be supplied in differing strengths to suit how stained the teeth are and also how sensitive your teeth are likely to be ie lower less likely to get any sensitivity.

Home kits trays are supplied with a carbamide peroxide which is low strength than its big cousin but won’t irritate the gums and is unlikely to make the teeth sensitive in any way during or after the whitening treatment.

The positive thing about tray-based systems is that it requires people to take a disciplined approach and use the trays regularly and then the staining will disappear and will stay away if the trays are used periodically to remove any unwanted staining that will come back.

The challenge with the bleaching tray systems is that the dentist expects people to sleep in the trays overnight and then use them consecutively for ten to fourteen nights and this can cause some sleep issues.

Imagine sleeping with something in your mouth! So this becomes a big issue and people stop using them after a couple of restless nights of sleep.

Light-Based Whitening

This is popular because of the small amount of time it takes to whiten the teeth and around one hour the treatment is finished with instant results for all to see. The light or laser-based method also requires no effort from people and for some, this is a big advantage.

The biggest thing to think about is how to keep the teeth looking white as it is not practical or affordable to keep having the teeth laser whitened so a hybrid between the home kits or bleaching trays is used periodically and then the laser to remove the bulk of the staining is ideal to keep them looking white.

Laser or light whitening has come down in price and used to be an expensive alternative but many companies are offering this system at prices compared to trays or even home kits.


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